Picks of the Week: App Edition

I need a simple post to get back into the habit of blogging, and few things are easier than writing about what I like. Enter: another “Picks of the Week,” but this time, it’s all apps. As one of the more consistent questions I see on Facebook/Twitter posts, hopefully some will find value in this post. These apps aren’t necessarily new or even rare, they are simply ones that I use over and over again.

1) Evernote : If you aren’t using Evernote, you probably should be. I’m not even sure I truly understand the vast capability of this app (see this post from Art of Manliness), but I know that what I do understand, I love. I use Evernote to take & organize notes for classes, to plan out vacations, to clip & store anything I find useful/interesting on the web, to compile all my notes on books I read, and finally, to jot down pretty much anything that I want to remember in a day or so. The true beauty of this app is that it is quick to learn and syncs easily to all of my devices (computer, phone, tablet).

2) Flixster : This app is my go to for anything movies. Want to know what movies are currently playing in the theater? Done. How about if a movie is playing in a certain theater and what time? Got it. Want reviews from tons of critics and normal folks? Here. You can also find out what’s been released on DVD/Blu-ray, watch trailers, and search for any movie that might have piqued your interest at some point. There’s really not much else I could want from a movie app.

3) QuizUp : No list of apps could be complete without a game mention. My current pick, thanks to an introduction by one of my favorite college dudes, is QuizUp. It’s brilliance is that it is easy to play with friends online, and that it combines the fun of Trivial Pursuit with a seemingly infinite list of topics. You can still delve into nerd-ness with categories such at Literature, Grammar, and Math, but you can also enjoy a whole different type of nerd fun with categories such as The Office, Oscars, or Nintendo Titles. My current preferred topics are Baseball, Bible, Logos, and Movie Titles. This game helped the Strickland family immensely as we sought to pass time on a long trip to Virginia recently. As they say, fun for the whole family.

Done. What are your Top Three Apps?

As always, thanks to the few of you who read my thoughts. Hoping to update this site more often.


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